Humanity– That is the Question

There are times in my life when I question humanity. I wonder how people– people I’ve known for years (at least I thought I’ve known for years) can have such drastically different beliefs than me. (of course I get it people don’t always think and believe the same things) But, for the most part I always figured that I surrounded myself with people that thought somewhat the same things as me. Of course variety is the salt of life but, hypocrisy is NOT. When you don’t worry about something because it doesn’t have a direct impact on you there’s a problem. One day it may have an impact on someone you know, someone you care about and when that day comes– you’re going to want someone in your corner. In the past week people that I have known for years have come to be the people that I’ve lost so much for. Respect, friendship– How in the matter of a few words can my opinion of them be altered completely? How is it that I can lose respect for the people that raised me so quickly?

I get it. I do. People’s opinions are different and they always will be. That’s the beauty of living here, we are allowed to have these opinions, thoughts and feelings. But, when your thoughts or feelings degrade, segregate or repress another group of people can you not see the problem with this? How can you not see the dangers and fine lines we are starting to walk yet again?

The writing’s on the wall and that writing is terrifying. The discontent and hate that’s being bred reminds me of the fear and loathing that happened when AIDS first was diagnosed. (not to the same degree) However, people being chased from grocery stores all because of who they love and who THEY ARE, letters being left for kids telling them to go back to where they came from because of the color of their skin and little girls afraid to wear a hijab because of what may happen. These are all things that SHOULD never happen here in America. Really it should NEVER happen period but, in a country that preaches equality it should be one of the things that NEVER happens. Yet it does, with increasing frequency lately.

I’m not pointing fingers necessarily. I’m not going to say this is one person’s fault because it’s not. (although to lie and say that they have not perpetuated this would be a disservice) This is the culmination of many things. Closed minded individuals who chose not to educate themselves or instead live by the bible which is fine you do that but, there’s this thing called separation of church and state. To me this seems fairly clear– the church doesn’t get involved in laws and the state doesn’t get involved in church. Now I know what you’re going to say– the church believes in preservation of life, it believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. Abortion is not performed by the church which means it does not directly affect the church and at the same time even if same sex marriage is legal there is no law stating a church has to perform it. Keeping the laws out of the church. (you want to remain a tax exempt entity yet want your hands all over how the country is run) Doesn’t seem like it’s fair to have it both ways does it?

Back to my point, why if it doesn’t directly affect you does it matter so much? What gives you the right to take someone else’s rights away? To force your thoughts on another person/group of people? What makes you better? Entitled?

It’s just some food for thought before you start talking in front of your kids and they start regurgitating your words. Just because someone supports the right to choose doesn’t make them a ‘baby killer’ and quite frankly I find that offensive. There’s no one that can ever convince me that while abortion may not be something I choose or would want my daughter to choose that I have the right to take that choice away from someone else. No thousand year old book by an unknown author, law maker sitting in an office in Washington DC, no one will convince me otherwise. Just like those same people will never convince me that they can pick who has a right to love who and how they choose to express it. If they want to get married let them. How does it actually impact you? Really in the grand scheme of things when you wake up in the morning does it have an impact on your day to day life? I highly highly doubt it. Kids… Your kids are spewing your hate and it’s sad. I remember hoping when I was younger this world would be a lot more tolerant when I was an adult and all I’ve found is that it’s simply not. Of course there are some people… A lot that are but, then there are those that are not. That are just as hateful as they were when I was growing up. When my childhood consisted of hating the fact that Ryan White’s family had to live in fear because their poor son was dying and it wasn’t his fault. Now, I am an adult and I have to hate the fact that people are back to hiding who they love, not celebrating their religion, worrying about their right to choose.

If anything November 8th simply proved that. It proved that this country is so many steps behind where it should be. I’m sad. Sad for us as a people more than anything. Mostly though I’m sad for teenagers. The 14-17 year olds that weren’t old enough to vote that were counting on us not to let them down. The ones that hoped, maybe even prayed that we’d keep moving in the right direction because we didn’t. We didn’t and I’m sorry. I’m sorry that while you’re waiting for your chance… Your chance to be heard you have to tolerate whatever happens. If the last week and a half is any indicator it’s going to be rough but hang in there. You’re not alone.

If you’re suffering or scared because of all of this… You’re not alone. There are people who know America was great before. Just hang in there. Educate yourselves, hold onto your beliefs and find your people because this too shall pass.

One day– one day we’ll make a difference. If my daughter, my son and me are any indicator things will be different one day.


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