Trump Vs. Pence

There’s this sentiment that if not Trump then there’s Pence and that’s awful. Pence isn’t much better, in many ways even more terrifying. His record regarding LGBTQ and women’s rights stands to throw the platforms into the dark ages.

In truth it’s truly terrifying. When you consider how far the two groups as a whole have come in the past decade stands to backslide probably at least twenty years. But, I think that he would at least avoid another world war. (Maybe that’s me being naive) We’d end up back in the dark ages HOWEVER, I would much rather fight like hell to get rights back than lose lives because there’s some hot head that has ZERO political chops. Trump is a tyrant- he’s horrifying and each and EVERY person with a level head should be terrified for themselves and their family. You should be scared for your future, your children’s future.

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