This Isn’t For The Faint of Heart

The climate of this country ( the United States ) has changed dramatically in two weeks.

While under Obama there were people unhappy ( granted there were times I was one of them ) I hardly remember so many people being so openly hostile. Now I said OPENLY hostile. With Trump there have been numerous protests, rogue tweets, cabinet members that do not buy into Donald’s agenda. Do I think it’s bad? No not necessarily. No no one should be followed blindly. They should be questioned at every turn. ‘Is this what’s best for the people? For the country?’ A confident president should relish surrounding himself with people like that. It’s not questioning your authority because really you have no all consuming authority. You are an elected official just like everyone else and that means that you too can be removed from power.

A president should be doing things with the good of the people in mind and I don’t believe that’s what’s happening now.

You can remove the right and left, Democrat and Republican from the table and look at it simply in a matter of right and wrong, good and bad. It simplifies things ( Maybe too greatly in some cases but, sometimes we need to take the politics out of things )

Let’s start with the Muslim ban. Now the first thing people ( presidential cabinet and so forth ) like to argue is that this is the same thing that was done in 2011 by Obama.

You’re wrong. Donald Trump’s policy ( executive order ) was written and signed simply because he said he’d do it. ‘It’s for the good of the people.’ What people? That’s a question for later though. It bans indefinitely people from entering the U.S. from Syria. Plus, other countries for 90 days. This includes green card holders, people with permanent resident status as well as refugees. The list is quite lengthy. Following is the actual text of his executive order.

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