Fact Checks and Balances



I’d like to talk for a minute about Milo Yiannopoulos. Not because he especially deserves my attention but, because of his comments when he was brought onto Bill Maher do deserve attention for one reason and one reason only. They were incorrect. So incorrect in fact that while other people have pointed out how wrong they were I feel the need to do so myself.

Bill Maher bringing a hate monger onto his show?  Eh whatever dude it’s your show but to sit back and marginalize and almost normalize Milo’s comments by somewhat no… Agreeing at times with them is disheartening. I get you’re a true moderate and yes that’s why it’s so hard to understand you at times but for the love of whatever it is you believe in why would you ever let words so hate filled ( and no matter how nicely twisted and turned they are they’re hate filled ) be spewed without facts to back it up?

You bring Milo on who clearly says whatever he wants for attention. He is the worst kind of attention whore. The one that would literally speak out against people in his OWN community without facts to back it up because he gets paid enough money. He did it again on your show. Maybe not for the money but for the prospect of more money to come. The things that he said weren’t true. They were the very opposite of true. Anyone that does a little bit of research can verify that without much difficulty but, one would think that with a president yelling from the rooftops that the media is spreading fake news someone in the media would do what he can to dispel that myth. Instead you perpetuated that in one of the most obscene ways possible. By sitting idly by and FALLING SILENT. FOR SHAME seriously for shame… One government website shows that as many as 66% of transgender people are VICTIMS of assault. A stark contrast to what your friend Milo stated on your show sitting next to you while you agreed that it was okay for people to feel uncomfortable with transgender people using a bathroom. A damn bathroom?? REALLY?

Now what he said was that transgender people were the perpetrators of such assaults. I can’t find anything to back that up though. I looked and looked and looked. I found something that showed that a lot of people who commit violent crimes have transgender fetishes BUT that my friends is NOT the same as being transgender. Unless of course you want to say that being someone who likes to take care of your feet is the same as having a foot fetish and then okay there’s a lot of people with foot fetishes in the world. You see where I’m going with that argument right? Because I’m by no means attempting to be disrespectful to either group.

What I have found is this: When it comes to bathroom issues which seems to be the biggest problem these days… Transgender human beings are the ones that appear to be the most at risk. People everywhere should for one moment stop, take a breath and think about this. Most of these people want to be treated as just that PEOPLE. Your fears and prejudices simply make things far more difficult for everyone. Women do you like it when people tell you to breastfeed somewhere else? No… as a matter of fact you fight against it. This falls into the same lines and I’m sorry you may not see it the same way but I do. No one deserves to be treated poorly simply because they have to use the restroom.

Yes I agree that there’s a need to have open discussions regarding these things but, when you as a host of a show if that’s what you want to call yourself in a situation like that Bill Maher take a stance such as that you are towing a very scary line. Normalizing the things that were said or marginalizing them is NOT okay. It’s not the proper thing to do. If you want to advance the conversation fine but, please when it’s something that’s already so scary for so many people find a more constructive way of doing so.

I’ve dealt with this in the public school system and I can tell you that I will not ever stop fighting for a child who has been dealing with so much hate and prejudice. Not because she’s mine but because SHE is just a little girl who deserves to be treated like a little girl and I don’t want calls at home anymore regarding other parents being uncomfortable with her being in the locker room with her or the bathrooms because she and her parents made a choice.



This Isn’t For The Faint of Heart

The climate of this country ( the United States ) has changed dramatically in two weeks.

While under Obama there were people unhappy ( granted there were times I was one of them ) I hardly remember so many people being so openly hostile. Now I said OPENLY hostile. With Trump there have been numerous protests, rogue tweets, cabinet members that do not buy into Donald’s agenda. Do I think it’s bad? No not necessarily. No no one should be followed blindly. They should be questioned at every turn. ‘Is this what’s best for the people? For the country?’ A confident president should relish surrounding himself with people like that. It’s not questioning your authority because really you have no all consuming authority. You are an elected official just like everyone else and that means that you too can be removed from power.

A president should be doing things with the good of the people in mind and I don’t believe that’s what’s happening now.

You can remove the right and left, Democrat and Republican from the table and look at it simply in a matter of right and wrong, good and bad. It simplifies things ( Maybe too greatly in some cases but, sometimes we need to take the politics out of things )

Let’s start with the Muslim ban. Now the first thing people ( presidential cabinet and so forth ) like to argue is that this is the same thing that was done in 2011 by Obama.

You’re wrong. Donald Trump’s policy ( executive order ) was written and signed simply because he said he’d do it. ‘It’s for the good of the people.’ What people? That’s a question for later though. It bans indefinitely people from entering the U.S. from Syria. Plus, other countries for 90 days. This includes green card holders, people with permanent resident status as well as refugees. The list is quite lengthy. Following is the actual text of his executive order.

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